ES Initiatives: Partner Geo-stories
BFI is working with several prestigious partner organizations to turn their map-based information and messages into dynamic geo-stories for maximum impact. Our core team collaborates with each geo-story partner to analyze their content, adapt it to the EARTHscope, and weave the pieces together into a complete narrative. Source material can include:
  • Completed reports and published documents
  • Ongoing project documentation
  • Websites
  • Research data
  • New projects which incorporate geo-storytelling process into their structure
Partners can publish their geo-story in a wide range of formats, and make online updates most elements of the completed presentation. We are currently working on an ES authoring system, which will allow partners to create complete geo-stories on their own, with minimal guidance or input from our team.

Content Partners
BFI has established, and is seeking new partnerships with:

  • Major institutions and NGO's -- for global and national level content
  • Smaller non-profit organizations -- for regional and local content
  • Educational institutions -- for authentic project based community-mapping content

We are particularly interested in working with content from:

  • The GIS, local & global change research community
  • Cultural geographers, community mappers, and conservation activists
  • Curriculum developers and K-16 teachers & students
Please contact us if you are interested crafting your data, results, and experiences into a partner geo-story. Past and current content partners include: Partner Success
"Earthspan is very appreciative of the efforts of BFI/Chromatrope in helping us to develop a kiosk application for the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge (CNWR). This kiosk is being installed in the CNWR's new visitor center, called the Bateman Educational Center. This facility will host over 1.7 million visitors annually.

"We could not have completed the kiosk in a such professional manner without the timely and expert assistance of BFI/Chromatrope. EARTHscope delivers an attractive presentation that will soon become "THE" kiosk display in the Bateman Center, and they did so in a very timely manner at low cost. BFI/Chromatrope provided Earthspan with expertise that we cannot afford to keep in house as a small not-for profit. The EARTHscope kiosk will enable the million or so annual refuge visitors to experience bird migration like never before!" -- Blake Henke, Earthspan

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